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The New Responsive Web Design

April 10 2015

by Philip Northeast

A Viewfinder Darkly has been slimmed down as part of its transformation into a mobile friendly web site using responsive web design techniques.

Many of our visitors around the world use their mobile devices to view the site, so it was an obvious thing to do. This also reflected my own frustrations with sites that do not fit a mobile screen, and consequently require sideways scrolling and zooming to read the articles. Hopefully you find the new A Viewfinder Darkly design easy to use on the small screen. 

Even on larger tablets with touch screens navigation is a problem, unless the design allows extra space around the menu elements.  On A Viewfinder Darkly this applies to the article lists as well as the main menu items.

Another of my pet hates is too much advertising in with the content. Particularly on designs intended for mobile devices, the ads  just get in the way. On larger desktop views you can tuck the ads off to the side so they are visible, but not intrusive. This means  the advertising on A Viewfinder Darkly is less obvious on mobile devices than some other sites.

The photographs caused considerable angst. This is a WordPress based design and WordPress exerts some control of the final image sizes. In a Responsive Web Design for a web site based on straight HTML the image size is linked via the Cascading Style Sheet  (CSS)  to the size of the display.  When  WordPress  is managing the content extra steps are needed to make the images, and their attached captions, resize properly to suit the viewing device. This took time away from providing new articles.  Now with that major hurdle  overcome we can get back to photography.

There are still problems where the text wrapped around some of the smaller images. Reviewing all the articles for these is an ongoing task. But the main full size photos are behaving themselves at the  moment.

So I hope you find the new site easy to use and reading A Viewfinder Darkly  helps improve your photography.


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