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Emerging Artists New Photography 2011 Exhibition at MoMA

September 1 2011

by Philip Northeast

New York’s  Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMA) up coming New Photography exhibition features six emerging photographers. The exhibition features contemporary work from artists where photography as an essential part of their artistic expression.

The MoMA New Photography exhibition shows the photographic creative process is much more than simply technical competency in initially taking the photo.

“Whether using analog forms of communication like Moyra Davey, the documentary approach of George Georgiou, conventions of portraiture like Deana Lawson, web-based images like Doug Rickard, Viviane Sassen’s self-reflective analysis, or an appropriative practice like Zhang Dali, each of the artists in New Photography 2011 has his or her own individual means of addressing issues relevant to the world today,” said organizer Dan Leers.

The Coffee Shop, The Library pic: Moyra Davey/MoMA

Moyra Davey’s mail out technique involves folding printed photographs into an envelope shape and mailing them to friends. Then Davey recovers the photographs and uses them in pinned-up grids. The stamps and addresses from their postal journey form part of the story of the photograph. These details show that photos are for sharing and communicating.

New Orleans pic Doug Rickard / MoMA

Doug Rickard photographs Google Street View scenes on his computer screen. Rickard uses the Google reproductions to create coherent themes in a photographic essay. Rickard favours photos illustrating the effects of unemployment, crime, drug use, and areas lacking educational opportunities.

Chairman Mao at Xiyuan Airport pic Zhang Dali / MoMA

Zhang Dali shows the existence of photographic manipulation in support  of Mao Tse Tung’s regime in China. This reminds us that there is nothing new in spin doctors and digital manipulation in Photoshop as this was all film based.

Mersin 2007 pic George Georgiuo

George Georgiou’s work documents modern Turkey and the struggle between the old traditions and the new as Turkey  moves towards joining 21st century Europe.

Roxie and Raquel pic: Deana Lawson/ MoMA

Deana Lawson uses portraits to explore personal relationships in the context of  their environments. Lawson’s  approach to portraiture involves her subjects becoming part of her extended family.

Parasomnia pic: Viviane Sassen / MoMA

Viviane Sassen’s surreal African photographs  invites viewers into her r dreams and memories of a Dutch girl growing up in Kenya.

The New Photography 2011 exhibition runs from September 28, 2011 to January 16, 2012
The Robert and Joyce Menschel Gallery, third floor.
The Museum of Modern Art | 11 West 53 Street | New York, NY 10019



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