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GPS for Pentax Digital SLR Cameras

June 2 2011

by Philip Northeast

Pentax’s new hot shoe mounted O-GPS1 unit records latitude, longitude, altitude and coordinated universal time  (UTC) of shooting locations in the image file.

Pentax GPS

Pentax GPS on a camera

It is only compatible with some of the newer Pentax DSLRs, currently the K-5 and K-r, as well as the  medium format 645D. Although Pentax say some of the O-GPS1’s functions may not be available when used with the 645D. The cameras do need to be running the latest firmware version for proper O-GPS1 functionality

The GPS unit also works with the PENTAX Shake Reduction (SR) system for  advanced applications, including Astrotracer, Simple Navigation and Electronic Compass.

The PENTAX O-GPS and associated applications offer several functions:
• Geotags images for location information on popular photo sharing websites.
• Charts progress of a hike, bike, boat or other adventure trip with interval position tracking.
• The O-GPS1  hs its own batteries so it will not drain the camera’s battery during GPS operation.
• Supports terrestrial-based Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) for highly accurate positioning.
• An Electronic Compass function assists navigation.

The PENTAX O-GPS1 unit is set for release in the United States  in July 2011.  It is available for pre-order now on www.pentaxwebstore.com for $249.95 USD.



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