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Paola Esposito October’s Master Photographer

October 17 2007

by Phil Northeast

Each month Hasselblad chooses a Master photographer to display their camera’s capabilities. In October, it is Italian Paolo Esposito, specializing in fashion.

Jumping girl

Hasselblad master for Ocotober 2007 © Paolo Esposito

Paola Esposito always wanted to be a photographer. His father set on the road when Paolo was 12 years old by giving him his first camera.

While still at school, the young Paolo persevered with photography and started earning money from photographs for a local magazine.

Paolo went on to study photography at Milan’s European Institute of Design graduating with a Diploma. Then he augmented his theoretical training with five years practical experience as an assistant photographer.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge Paolo, at the age of 25, decided to specialize and chose fashion over his other love, sports photography.

Even in fashion photography, there are specialized areas, and Paolo mainly works with advertising agencies for Italian and French lingerie companies.

Paolo particularly likes working with the French company Intima France.

“They allow me complete freedom to shoot as I like. It is a very editorial and really creative interpretation of underwear shooting. I try to make underwear cool, not just seductive,” said Paolo.

Paolo feels he is fortunate having a career doing a job he loves.

His advice for aspiring photographer is, “Do what you like, don’t copy too much and don’t be afraid if your work is refused at first.”

He goes on to explain, “Nobody can take your pictures, even in the same room, with the same light, with the same model….You should press the shutter when you feel the time is right. Be what you feel.”

For relaxation, Paolo enjoys riding his mountain bike as fast as he can, and enjoying the freedom of the forests and mountains.

Photography is never far from his mind, and Paolo always carries a small digital camera wherever he goes. He uses it to capture potential locations and editorial ideas for his professional work as well as for snap shots of family and friends.

Paolo’s creativity and flair result in a unique look and feel in his photography, setting him apart as this story reveals.

“Recently a client came onto the set with some pages he had found in a magazine. He told me that, for his shoot, he wanted the same kind of atmosphere and attitude from the girls. He was happily surprised and I was so proud when I pointed out the name of the photographer on the side of the page.. Paolo Esposito.”

In one of his future projects, Paolo would like to involve his mountain biking friends in a fashion shoot, and ideally see it published in a French magazine. Paolo admires French publications for their technical and creative excellence.

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